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Road Facing Side of the LS430W
The back of the LS430W and bracket.

(The screen can be turned off whilst driving in order to comply with the UK Road Traffic Act).


Please play the movie above to see the quality of the footage produced by the LS430W.

Order the LS430W below - Note that this model includes built in GPS.
Discontinued for now - please do not order the LS430w


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Features and functions of the DOD LS430W HD Car Black Box Camera..

Light Spectrum Capture Range

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology is incorporated to instantly correct imbalances in light caused by various different conditions, such as excessively bright car headlights, light coming in from various directions simultaneously and highly contrasting backlit scenes.  This provides an clearer, more detailed overall video image.

Amazing big aperture
Viewing all the detail with wide angle.
Logging your travels with global positioning system.
Rapid Updating of Location Co-ordinates.
Lockdown files after a bump.
Glass Lens - clear pristine image.
Selective SOS or Emergency file marking/locking

Essential for night time driving, the LS430W large f1.6 lens aperture allows even the faintest light to find its way through to the sensor.  Ensuring great quality photos and videos even at night, where the only light source is your car headlights.

Car accidents are no laughing matter, so catching as much of the big picture as possible is essential to prove you are not at fault.  The 140 degree lens angle provides you with upto the bonnet and maximum left/right coverage for your evidence.

Logging your position along your journey ensures you have a record of exactly where you were and at what time you were there.  The built-in GPS works tirelessly in the background recording every inch you travel.  Playback is performed with Google Maps.

The ultra fast refresh rate of the built in GPS unit means that your speed and position as accurate as is humanely possible!  No more lag as your camera waits for the reciever to report its data.  Upto 5x the speed of traditional GPS systems.

File locking is the method whereby the video file is marked as permanent on the memory card.  If an accident happens which trips the G-sensors - the incriminating video file is locked down so that nothing can record over it before you get it to the police.

Six layers of ultra clear glass make up this Japanese lens which sends the light through crystal clear and with absolutely minimal distortion.  Far better than the vast majority of plastic lenses and superior to many other glass products.

When driving along, you may spot an incident which does not trip the G-sensors - and requires that the file needs locking as though it had - by pressing the SOS button on the camera, you will be able to protect the files containing such situations.


Power WDR Technology - Stunning Videos in Any Light
Very High Speed GPS antenna 5Hz
F1.6 Big Aperture - Ultra Low Light - High Performance
140 Wide View Angle
Automatic Time Calibration
HUD Compass Display
HUD Speed Display
Smart overspeed warning
6G sharp glass lens, wide viewing angle
Password Protection
2.7" 16:9 Widescreen Display
G-sensor automatic trigger for file protection
SOS file locking function
Start car and recording automatically begins
Motion Detection video recording functions
Loop recording
Time and date Stamp which shows when played back on the PC.

The LS430W Kit Comprises all of the items shown on the left.

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