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The BlackVue DR550GW 2CH is the latest Blackvue camera as of APRIL 2014.

Front and Rear Camera for BlackVue DR550GW 2CH Car Camera

(Above - the DR550GW 2CH Car Camera - the smaller backwards facing unit connects to the main unit via a single thin co-axial cable - no extra power socket is required.)

(Above - the DR550GW 2CH connector side, showing AV in - DC in - Wifi on/off and Memory Card Slot.)

Blackvue DR550GW 2CH Rear Camera

(Above - the REAR windscreen fitting DR550GW 2CH camera.)

The Picture-inPicture software player

The BlackVue Viewer - available for PC and MAC

Watch BlackVue video footage, track vehicle location and speed, in the MYWAY viewer software.

Find out what happened, where it happened and how fast you were driving when it happened using the GPS data recorded at the time of the incident.

See how hard an impact was using the G-sensor graph displayed on the screen.

and more... the "Picture-in-Picture" facility allows the viewing of the front and rear cameras at the same time on the same screen, as front and rear views are saved as separate files for easy file management.

The Full Kit showing all the items.

(The full DR550GW 2CH Car Camera Black Box Kit is comprised of the items listed above)

BlackVue have introduced a new member to their already highly effective and stunning range of car cameras.  The BlackVue DR550GW 2CH is their most comprehensive and feature rich camera to date.

For anyone wanting to capture ultra-clear video through both the front AND rear of their car whilst out on the road, then this is a definate serious contender.  Afterall - traffic comes from both the front and behind, and drivers in either position can cause you problems through their dangerous and often selfish driving manouvers.

Put your mind at ease with the knowledge that they are being recorded when you aren't even watching them!

In a nutshell - two cameras are going to be more efficient than one, and therefore provide the ultimate in protection against scammers, lane hoggers, boy racers and those who are simply not aware of what they are upto whilst driving and phoning their friends or doing their makeup.


Forward Facing Camera

2.4 Megapixel SONY Exmor CMOS Sensor

Rear Facing Camera

1 Megapixel CMOS Sensor

Foward Facing Camera Resolution

Full HD at 1920x1080 - 30 fps

Rear Facing Camera Resolution

HD at 1280x720 - 30fps

Video Type



Built into Forward Camera


Built into Forward Camera


Built into Forward Camera


Built into Forward Camera


Built into Forward Camera


Micro SD - 8GB or 16GB or 32GB

Input Voltage

12V ~ 24V DC

Power Consumption

400mA at 12 Volts

Temperature Range

-20C ~ 70C

Forward Camera Dimensions

118.5 x 36mm and 120 g

Rear Camera Dimensions

67.4 x 27.6mm and 30 g



Operating Modes of the DR550 2CH

3 Recording Modes (Operation)

1 - Standard Mode - both the normal (continuous video creation) and also the event storage functions are active in this mode.


2 - Event Mode - in this mode video files are saved only when an impact or hard braking or accelerating occurs which trips the G-Sensors.

3 - Parking Mode - stores video only when motion is detection through the camera or an impact to the vehicle occurs - this reduces the amount of storage space required by avoiding the storage of video which contains only still surroundings.

Buy the BlackVue DR550GW 2CH HD

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