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Your Chance to Win a SmartCam 2 Vehicle Camera!

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Win your very own SmartCam camera simply by entering your video recording into our competition.

All you need to do is upload a copy of your best driving movie to youtube and email the URL of the movie to the address shown on the picture on the left using a subject of "Entry".   Once we have 50 movies, we will judge which is our favourite and the winner will be sent a brand new SmartCam 2.

Please do not forget to include your name and address in the email along with the video URL.

We will not publish any of your personal information and the winner will be notified by email, enquiries as to the results of the competition can be made by writing to the same email address with a subject of "Query" and we will get right back to you.

To enter the competition, no purchase is required.  You can use any video footage you have which you have created and you own.  We may require proof that you own the video and have not copied it from elsewhere.

Any household can send in upto 2 videos - this prevents one person sending in 50 videos in exchange for a camera and gives everyone else a chance to enter fairly.

If you do not have a account, do not worry, simply get in touch with us at the same email address and we will talk you through the various ways of sending your video in to us.  For those who wish to enter and start using a new YouTube account - then please
go here to set up the account and learn how to upload the video - it is really easy and you can be uploading your content within minutes. -   - All Rights Reserved.