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Beat Crash for Cash Scammers and Fraudsters with a Car Camera.

What is a Crash for Cash Scam?

The UK is currently plagued by criminals who purchase or stealing cars with the sole view of causing accidents on the road involving other drivers.  The typical Crash for Cash incident is played out as follows and is commonly referred to as an Induced Accident. :-

The scammer will choose a vehicle to target, often being driven by someone vunerable in their eyes - a lone driver for example or maybe an elderly person.  Once the target is selected, the scammer will drive infront of the chosen vehicle, and carefully selecting the right moment, will slam on their brakes leaving the victim with very little or no time to respond - in particular where road conditions are wet or there is low visibility due to fog for example.  The conditions of the weather and road surface however do not pay an overly significant part in the actions of the fraudster, any driving conditions are open to this kind of abuse and thus care and vigilence should be taken at all times.

Crash for Cash

More often than not, the Crash for Cash perpetrator will have positioned his or her vehicle close to that of the victims by slowing down slightly and causing the gap to close - thus ensuring that there is even less time for the driver behind to respond effectively to the final act of hard "emergency stop" type braking.  This "positioning" action can also be achieved by overtaking - either on a dual carriageway or not - and then pulling in front suddenly (cutting up) before driving normally for a short distance with the intention of performing the sudden stop which causes the actual crashes.

At this point an accident is almost inevitable, with the car behind crashing into the braking cars rear - putting the innocent driver and their passengers in great danger of injury or worse.

How does the Crash for Cash Insurance Work?

At this point the person causing the crash will approach the innocent driver to exchange insurance company details so that they can put in a false insurance claim - stating that the innocent driver drove into them from behind.  Stooge witnesses may also have been involved - to lend further credibility via the provision of falsified witness presented to the Police and insurance firms.  In many cases, the insurance provider will take the side of the car in front, as in most genuine accidents - the person behind is indeed deemed to be at fault.  Should the claim be contested by the victim, the fraudster will simply say that hard braking was nessesary due to a dog running into the road ahead - a situation which does unfortunately occur quite often and causes genuine emergency braking.  And so the saga continues, until usually, with no witnesses in their favour, the victims insurer pays out in favour of the criminal who can then pocket the cash making a profit - and start the whole process again with another car.

This activity is often carried out by organised gangs of criminals who make huge sums of money cashing in each year at the expense of drivers who are careful and simply going about their day to day business.

How can a Car Camera Help Beat Crash for Cash Fraud?

In almost all cases, the crash for cash incident which involves an innocent member of the public is committed by causing the rear driver to crash into the back of the car in front.  This places the fraudster in an extremely difficult and vunerable position if the driver they have chosen to commit the offence with is using a car camera.

If the camera is seen - then it will act as an very effictive deterrent for protection against the crime, if it is not noticed by the offender, then video film footage will clearly prove the act was deliberate and should therefore result in prosecution of the individual causing the car crash, and saving the no claims bonus of the victim.

Crash for Cash is a Major Problem.

Just google the words and you will find an incredible 126 Million web pages returned which are deemed relevant to the phrase "Crash for Cash".  The web is crammed full of stories regarding this countrywide car crashing scam and insurers claim it is still on the increase despite their best efforts to curb the trend with comprehensive assessments in order maintain low insurance premiums.  Lets take a look at some of the figures and statistics which show the current state of affairs regarding the issue.

Insurance Fraud in Crash For Cash

How the Criminal Cashes in on Our Misery.

To those engaging in the activity, the total worth is a staggering Four Hundred Million Pounds per Year.  This costs the average motorist around Fifty Pounds per year due to increased insurance premiums.

They do not just cash-in on the damage to the cars they use, they include all types of nonsense in their claims, such as whiplash, loss of earnings and the cost of having to hire a car due to their so-called inconvenience.  The bills quickly mount up - all paid for by honest drivers.

Between 2011 and 2014 - the number of fraudulent claims rose by almost 100%

One insurer has over 6,000 claims relating to motor injuries involved in fraud cases.

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